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Website design & management




Since February, 2015
・Website design
・System development
・Contents planning
・SNS management

Website production and contents management


Shimizu S-Pulse
Official Website


・Website design
・System development
・Contents planning/ management

The Shimizu S-Pulse Official Website offers not only live text game commentary, coach and players' comments and up-to-date game photos, but also other S-Pulse information such as players' and staff's blogs.The website delivers attractive updates to you. To make the website more appealing, we support the club with a one-stop service from project planning to onsite reporting and site production to management.The website is making headway daily to meet everyone's needs by actively taking advantage of technology and information not only from the football world but also other sports and non-sport fields.

Gainare Tottori Official Website

Gainare Tottori
Official Website


Since 2008
- Website design
- System development
- Contents planning / management

The Gainare Tottori Official Website offers special contents that only the official website can provide, including daily news and match information as well as blogs and players' Q&As.
We team up with the club from planning through designing including special reports and seasonal projects, which meet user's needs that keep changing on a daily basis.

Media-related business

my caddie

my caddie


・Website management

The website is Japan's biggest crowd-sourced review website specialized in golf equipment and golf clubs. Based on valuable information provided by golfers, the SNS website helps you select golf equipment.

my caddie

Website Profile

Number of Members:
About 23,000 users (as of November, 2018)

Number of Reviews:
About 31,000 posts (as of November, 2018)

my caddie

Website Function&Content Types

User-to-user communication:
“my caddie” helps you find your favorite golf gear based on reviews directly provided by other golfers. Through the Q&A section on a message board, you and fellow members can help each other with questions and answers regarding golf such as how to select gear and how to improve their skills.

User-to-business communication:
Golf-related companies offer you latest product information precisely to your needs. At the same time, we provide review data coming into "my caddie" and survey results to businesses to support their marketing activities and product development.

my caddie

Demographics & Experience of "my caddie" Users

User demographics:
Compared to general sports-related websites, “my caddie” attracts wealthier population and more influential individuals.

“my caddie” gathers passionate golfers who are particular about golf gear and who play for long years, very frequently and at a high level.

About Advertising

You can utilize this website as a platform of business promotions to advertise your products and campaign.

Special Campaigns

You can upload exactly what you want to promote.
・Professional / amateur trial event
・ Campaign publicity
・ Test users recruiting for new products -> Special campaigns that coordinate with reviews.
and so on.

Web Survey/ Marketing Research

You can conduct a survey on “my caddie” users.“my caddie” offers a platform to research golfers' behaviors and their awareness of your products.

Advertisement Posting Standards

[Suitability of Posting Advertisement]

  • ・Please make an inquiry on suitability of positing advertisement before applying.
    Contact at support@mycaddie.jp
  • ・International Sports Marketing Co., Ltd has a right to determine if your advertisement is suitable to be placed. And please be informed in advance that the company does not explain the reason not to be placed.
  • ・Let us know your official company name, company website URL, the URL to be linked to and advertising contents.
  • ・Make sure to have your linked website being available from the start to the end of advertising.
  • ・We do not accept any content that is false or potentially misleading.
  • ・We do not accept any content that offends public order and morals.
  • ・We do not accept any content that violates third party's rights such as using names, photographs, trademarks, literary works, property and privacy without the party’s consent.
  • ・In addition to the above, please make sure that your advertisement does not include any offensive or inappropriate wording.
  • ・After applying for it or even after starting your advertisement, we may refuse or cease your posting if your content or linked website is considered inappropriate according to our company policy.

Advertisement Placing Policy

  • 1. We do not place any advertisement that is considered to hurt the dignity of our company and our media.
  • 2. We do not place any advertisement that violates laws and regulations set by the national government, ministries, local governments and other industry organizations.
  • 3. We do not place any advertisement whose area of responsibility is considered to be unclear.
  • 4. We do not place any advertisement whose purpose is unclear.
  • 5. We do not place any advertisement whose content is false or potentially misleading.
  • 6. We do not place any advertisement that uses superlative and absolute wording without any fair and objective reasoning.
  • 7. We do not place any advertisement that includes the following wording offensive to public order and morals.
    • (1) Wording or content that is pro-crime or glorifies crimes.
    • (2) Sex-related wording or content that violates healthy development of youth.
    • (3) Monstrous and cruel advertising wording or content that apparently makes consumers uncomfortable.
    • (4) Wording or content that is categorized to be unscientific or superstitious and puzzling or terrifying to consumers.
    • (5) Wording or content that is regarded as scam or fraud.
    • (6) Wording or content that slanders people or violates human rights.
  • 8. We do not place any advertisement that violates intangible property by using the likes of individual and group's name, photographs, comments, portraits, trademarks and literary works without consent of the property owner.
  • 9. We terminate your advertisement when it confuses consumers due to internet-specific system and inconvenience as follows.
    • (1) When inconvenience occurs due to a change in linked website and advertising contents.
  • 10. We also do not place any advertisement that our company determines as inappropriate for reasons other than specified above.

Please make an inquiry about advertising and other website matters at support@mycaddie.jp

Contents distribution service

We provide athletes information playing domestically and internationally as well as data and news reports
including live game updates that requires quick reporting 24 hours a day.

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